Friday, 16 September 2011

Harvest Festival at Jimmy's Farm

We had the a fabulous weekend at Jimmy's Farm.  So many highlights...  an amazing array of food (the 2011 British Streetfood awards so not too surprising), Ravinder Bhogal's demo with Jay Rayner was entertaining, catching up with Tim Anderson and my new favourite sauce (miso mayonaise) and meeting Jimmy's pigs, the happiest little critters on the farm it seemed, and clearly not knowing what's in store for them... sausage anyone ;0)

My favourite dishes of the weekend, unsurprisingly, came mostly from the award winners. First, the understated but superbly scrumptious crispy artichoke dish from Street Kitchen (you can find them in their AirStream trailer at Liverpool Lime St) and the Buddha bowl from Veggie Heaven.  I also loved Jalopy's pizza and of course churros and chocolate from the Churros Bros.  The overall winner was one of the unique seashore wraps from Pembrokeshire based Cafe Mor, trading for the very first time outside of their native Wales in a shack built a couple of days before by a boat building mate.    

Harvest at Jimmy's - enjoy the photos!