Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's coming up....

As the old saying goes, we must make hay while the sun shines.  This is certainly true for us street food traders, except the sun has been a little unreliable this summer. There's been the odd blip of sunny loveliness and that was certainly true for the Manchester Picnic and my little jaunt to Harrogate for the International Classic Citroen Car Rally.

I'm about to hit my busiest run to date.  Starting this weekend with the Bolton Food & Drink Festival.  I will be there all bank holiday weekend, from this Friday 22nd August.  

This weekend's menu...

Cheshire Beef Rendang, slow cooked beef w/ lemongrass & coconut 
Indonesian ‘jungle’ curry, smoky tempeh & veg w/ spicy peanut & cashew curry (Vg)
Served with choice of lime rice or soft roti bread or both
Butter dal & aubergine masala, w/ stuffed paratha & pickles (V)
Thai Sweetcorn Fritters, w/ hot & sour noodle salad (V)
Spicy seasonal veg samosa, w/ homemade aubergine pickle (V)
“Little bit of everything” plate w/ curries, dal, fritter or samosa, roti, rice & pickles

Fresh watermelon ice pops pure & simple, with frozen lime yoghurt (V)
Mango & lime sherbet lassi w/ yoghurt, Alfonso mango & homemade sherbet 
Indian Chai, traditional masala tea w/ homemade spice mix

Then I'm off to The Big Feastival at Alex James Farm in Oxfordshire with my biggest team to date.  I need to seriously up my turnover if I'm going to meet the costs of going to bigger festivals.  This will be the test bed....

Then it's CarFest North on the 8th and 9th Sept at Cholmondley Castle in Cheshire.  Really hoping Chris Evans bobs over to see Barbarella and maybe try some of my food. I hear he likes a good curry!

After all that, I'm off to London for the British Street Food Awards 2012.  I've been shortlisted to the final 15 and am really excited about creating something new and delicious for the event.  Feeling quite a lot of pressure because it feels like there's an expectation there being a MasterChef alumni.  Everyone expects me to perform well but there's a massive amount of competition this year, with some amazing traders and producers.  It's going to be tough!