Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rest, Regroup, Relaunch...

So it turns out that street food is mighty harder work than it appears to the outside world!  The last  nine months have been some of the most intense working periods of my entire life.  It's a good job I had all that time off swanning around Asia for a year or two.  It's the only way that having so little time off now would be at all bearable.

But aside from the exceptional hard work required, it has been a year of intense ups and downs.  I've learned an incredible amount (and still much more to go).  I've had some of the best times of my life. And some of the most terrifying.  Which is interesting, because that's a lot like travelling as a family across Asia.  I have made great friends along the way, tasted amazing food and experienced such support from people, it has made some very difficult times endurable.

During the next few months, I have a couple of Christmas markets to attend to, cooking up some warming street food on the streets of Ramsbottom and Leeds.  But my focus will be returning to some fine dining and writing.  I have an exciting pop up with a fellow chef in the pipeline, vegetarian fine dining at my supperclub and cookery classes in the stunning setting of Catton Hall.

For detailed information about events, check out my new website

Hope you like it!