Thursday, 31 May 2012

Next up... Split Feastival at Sunderland festival

Looking forward to heading North East in June for Split Feastival Food & Drink Village at Sunderland Festival, in Herrington Country Park. It's a mixed crowd so planning a menu that will offer something for everyone. 

The hot weather at VegFest in Bristol got me thinking about offering more cold dishes.  It was so hot in the trailer.  This was the view from the hatch...

I'm also very excited about serving up my audition dish from MasterChef which I'll serve with a kicking coriander sauce.  There'll be a battle of the curries between a slow cooked rendang (with well sourced beef from local Frosts butchers) and my very popular Indonesian jungle curry with marinated tempeh (vegan and super tasty).  The mango and lime sherbets went down well at VegFest so I think I'll make them again.  reminder to self to get the lime sherbets fermenting this week so they're ready in time.  I ran out in Bristol, so had to switch to making pina colada slushies with pineapple and coconut.  I could start a lassi & slushie bar at this rate :o)   


Split Feastival Menu

  • Paneer shashlik roti wrap, with cachumba salad & coriander sauce
  • Malaysian beef rendang,  slow cooked Cheshire beef with jasmine rice
  • Indonesian ‘jungle’ curry, with tempeh & jasmine rice
  • Sushi platter, fish (inc line caught mackerel) or veggie
  • Rhubarb samosas with star anise & vanilla ice-cream

For more info about Split festival check out their website here.

I'm then a bit more local in Stockport for an Olympic torch 'brunch'.  I'm planning a breakfast and brunch menu with a twist, including masala omelette, chilli fried eggs and roti canai, a Malaysian flaky roti with a veg dal.  I'll be serving this up in Stockport Mersey Way from 8am on Sun 24th June.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

VegFest menu... & some lovely mushroom recipes

I was pleased to be asked to produce some vegetarian recipes for the Mushroom Bureau recently.  As wild mushrooms are now coming into season, it's a good time to start getting creative with one of my favourite vegetables.

I've put together six tasty mushroom dishes, including pot sticker dumplings, tempura, satay skewers and a very tasty mushroom and puy lentil cottage pie.  You can download the booklet for free here.

I'm at VegFest next weekend and am very excited about my new menu... 
  • Crispy cauliflower & rocket pakora roti wrap
  • Sweet & sour popcorn tofu, with Asian salad
  • Indonesian ‘jungle’ curry, with tempeh & jasmine rice
  • Hot & sour ‘tom yam’ soup, with wild mushrooms
  • Rhubarb samosas with star anise & vanilla ice cream
Hope to see some of you there.  Should be a great event.  And don't forget it's free (the event, not the food :)

For more details about the festival, check out their website here.