Thursday, 26 May 2011

Gourmet Night with Matt White

I love talking to fellow Mancunians, adopted or otherwise.  There's something about that unique shared frame of reference and humour that makes for a good conversation.  So it was really enjoyable chatting to Matt White, who hosts Gourmet Night on BBC Manchester radio, 9pm on Thursdays (so the show I'm co hosting is aired tonight).  A fellow Chorltonite and food journalist, I talked to Matt and guests about all things foodie, and being National Vegetarian week, there is a rather meat free bias. 

I'm also looking forward to trying out Manchester's new vegetarian bistro in the city, 1847.  So named after the year that the world's first Vegetarian Society, which started up right here in Manchester.  Gourmet Night is recorded at different restaurants around the city, and in honour of National Vegetarian week, we headed to 1847.

I must admit to have felt some relief to find that the food is very, very different from the food I want to serve in my restaurant. Phew!  Head chef was really lovely and she has an impressive CV, with stints at Vanilla Black and Noma!  I can't wait to try her gin and tonic cake.  I do love a G&T.

Hope you tune in tonight!

Or listen again on BBC iplayer.  Link below to last weeks' show where there's a review of the rather smashing Supper Club by Kerstin Rodgers (The Underground Restaurant in London) as well as the food at 1847.

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