Friday, 14 February 2014

Updated Menu & This Week's Specials...



NAM PRIK PAO, traditional fried rice & veg with our own Thai chilli jam

Veggie / 'Frosty' free range chicken / 'OOTB' jumbo prawns
£5 / £6.50 / £7.50  Add fried duck egg +£1

SMALL PLATES                                                                                                           
Pani Puri, Indian street food snack (V/Vg) Crispy puri w/ spiced chickpea, potato & tamarind sherbet, 3/5 pcs    £3 / £4.50*

Dal Bowl, daily special dal, w/ rice or flaky roti (Vg/GF)  £4.50 TODAY'S DAL: Roti Canai

Baked Spring Rolls, two crispy rolls stuffed w/ Hoi sin ‘veggie’ duck  (Vg) or ‘OOTB’ Whitby crab & crayfish   £4.50*/£5*

Pad Thai Traditional egg fried rice noodles with crispy tofu (V/Vg) or ‘OOTB’ jumbo prawns   £4.50 / £6.50*  ADD a fried duck egg £1.50

Shashlik Roti Wrap, marinated hand made spiced paneer with cachumba salad in soft desi paratha wrap (V)    £5*

Laos Style Squash, Chilli & Coconut Soup, fire roasted butternut squash & chilli with coconut cream (Vg) £3

Indonesian Fish Curry w/ OOTB Cornish hake & prawns in lemongrass, tamarind & chilli broth (GF )£7.50

**Pimp my fish!** + 'OOTB' jumbo prawns & flaky roti   £9.50

Malaysian Beef Rendang w/ slow cooked grass fed ‘Frosty’ beef, with lemongrass, chilli & coconut (GF) £6.50

Indonesian Jungle Curry, fragrant cashew & peanut curry w/ green jackfruit, cauli & aubergine (Vg, GF) £6

All of above served with Asian ‘slaw & steamed rice or desi paratha

Shashlik Lamb Chops or Handmade Paneer, Marinated ‘Frosty’ lamb or spiced paneer (V, GF) w/ dal, rice & salad £9/ £7.50

Rhubarb & Custard, crispy rhubarb samosas w/ rose glaze & star anise vanilla custard (V) - 1 pc / 2 pcs    £2 / £3.50

Fire & Ice Brownie, sticky rich brownie with hint of chilli, served with raspberry sauce & vanilla cream (V)    £3.50

EXTRAS 30p hot pickle / mango chutney / daniya / raita
EXTRAS £1 desi paratha / flaky roti / salad bowl / basmati rice     

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