Saturday, 25 February 2012

An update on Barbarella, upcoming festivals & that damn car...

I'm happy to say that Barbarella is looking mighty fine.  Kitchen fit out is almost complete.  Flag poles are on their way and I now need to reaquaint myself with a sewing machine.  I'll post some new photos once I pick her up.  In case you missed this earlier, this is what I hope's to come...

Some other VERY exciting news I have to share is that I will be collaborating at the Exeter SW Festival of food and drink with James Nathan (winner of MasterChef in 2008).  You can check out what he's been up to here

We are both working hard in planning our menus and making the most of what the SW has to offer.  For me that's going to include some organic Devon made smoky tempeh, Cornish butter and New Forest mushrooms.  For James, I believe there's some rather marvellous local lobster, chicken and pork making an appearance.  Please do come and see us if you are down for the weekend.  We're both doing demos too.  It's all going to be so much fun...

I'm also really busy with cooking classes, recipe writing and planning menus for my first events.  I will be at the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival on 31st March and 1st April if you want to come and check out my new street food venture, and maybe enjoy some gourmet Asian delights :0)

Jackie x


  1. Wow! What a discovery finding you here - am passionate about turning completely vegetarian and 2012 is the year to do it! I am adding you to my favourites now - thanks to Twitter! Way hey!

  2. am not a vegetarian but really enjoyed the noodle Thai soup with prawns at the Ramsbottom Chocolate Featival yesterday. Your travelling kitchen is amazing, wouldn't have liked to tow the beast on those rammy hills!
    Hope Sunday is kind to you as we have woken up to beautiful sunshine this morning.Good luck with your new venture.

  3. It was a delight to sample your gorgeous Thai soup today at the Rammy choc festival. what a day!! Sorry to read about your legal battle re car, I wish you every success, it's disgusting what some garages are like. Best of luck in everything!

  4. Wow!! stumbled up a side street in Ramsbottom following the smell of such fresh spices and herbs. To my delight i found Jackie cooking up a storm. The food was wonderful so fresh and tasty, all my family loved it, especially my vegetarian daughter.Please come back soon!!!!!!!!! Wonderful to meet you what a talent x x

    1. PS please could you post your Murtabak recipe i would love to try and cook it for my family x