Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My first streetfood event @ Ramsbottom Choc Festival

I barely know where to start.  On MasterChef, they say that cooking doesn't get tougher than this.  I may have to contend this point.  I have never worked so hard or learnt so much in such a short space of time.  The preparation and set up during the last few weeks was almost overwhelming.  I've learnt to tow (and even reverse) a 3 tonne 23ft trailer.  I've taken delivery of more produce and prepped more food than I ever thought I would (or could for that matter).  Just bonkers!  But what an amazing experience.  The highs and lows have left me exhausted and exhiliarated at the same time.  The best bit of all was seeing people enjoying my food and hearing such great feedback.  It has made all the hard work, sweat and yes, a few tears, very much worthwhile :)

Our weekend in Ramsbottom at the Chocolate festival was the perfect first event.  I owe a HUGE thanks to the lovely people there for making us so welcome and for helping us out with numerous hiccups and challenges (The Chocolate Cafe, Ruth from Bury Council, Room54 and the lovely Stuart for his impromptu lesson in reversing a trailer).  From class 1 driving lessons to supplying water from local shops, we couldn't have done it without the support of everyone there.  I think I've fallen a little bit in love with Ramsbottom!

So here's a few pics.... 

At one point, the queues were overwhelming and we felt like we just couldn't serve people fast enough.  Thanks for your patience though and the feedback was inspiring! 

It has to be remembered that neither my sister Nic or my best mate Fran, have EVER worked in food service or kitchens before.  They did brilliantly and learned so fast.

And I only shouted a few times ;0)

My friend H, made some special edition cake pops for The Hungry Gecko including dark choc & chilli and choc fudge & stem ginger.  They went down a storm.  Seriously, her cake pops really can't be beaten and she makes a fine cup cake too.  Check out her facebook page for more info CupCakeCuties


  1. You got fantastic feedback because your food was fantastic! Simple really.

    Thanks Jackie.

    Love you. xxx.

  2. So awesome! Come to London!

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