Friday, 4 January 2013

New year & a new menu for dining club

I've finally settled on the menu for January's dining club dates.  I'm a big fan of Korean food (no surprise there) and have been playing around with kimchi for a few months now.  I wasn't sure how well noodle soup would sit as a main course.  Soup always makes me think starter.  But it's too substantial for a starter, especially served with the tofu and seawood cakes.

I'm excited about making panipuri.  I love this Indian snack, and for me it's the perfect amuse bouche.  It sings on sweet and sour and spicy notes with lots of soft and crispy textures.  What could be more perfect?

The dessert was inspired by a restaurant in Kathmandu called Fire & Ice.  They served hot brownies with ice cream, which after ten days in the mountains and living on dal bhat (the simple Nepali dinner set of soupy lentil dal and steamed rice, with fresh green chillies and salt on the side) it seemed like food from the gods.

There are still some places available for the upcoming dining club dates.  There are just 3 spaces left for Saturday 12th January, and there are places available for Thursday 17th and Friday 18th January.  The Hungry Gecko dining club is £29 per person for five courses.  To book a place, email us at

January Menu

Classic Indian street food snack
with tamarind, chilli & chaat masala

Spiced rice in panko croquette
Served with a poached quail egg

Kimchi noodle soup
Korean style red pepper broth with traditional fermented cabbage
Served with tofu seaweed cakes & egg noodles

Raspberry lassi sorbet

Fire & Ice Brownie
Hot sticky brownie with hint of chilli,
served with star anise & vanilla ice cream


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