Monday, 14 January 2013

Thali Night, banana leaf cafe style

Our much loved Thali Night is back! Inspired by banana leaf cafes in Asia and thali style dining, we'll be serving up an Indian feast on Friday 8th Feb.  Last year was a great success and guests had a lot of fun dining together.  Nobody seemed to mind the bench seating or the mismatching glasses, and most even ate with their hands!

So here's a draft of the menu for what's in store...

Punjabi style samosas with spicy potato & green mango
Paneer & cashew koftas with green chilli & tomato masala
Beetroot pakoda kadai, seasonal dumplings in yoghurt curry
Kali daal (creamy black lentils)
Tarka dal (yellow butter tor dal)
Baigan ka bharta (roasted aubergine masala)
Pappu dosaki (dudhi gourd with channa)

Served on a banana leaf, with basmati rice, salad, raita & pickles

The cost is £20 per person. To book a place, email


  1. Whereabouts are you holding this? It sounds fantastic!

  2. South Manchester

  3. This long grain basmati rice dish looks yummy and easy to prepare.