Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Street food comes to Chorlton!

The last few weeks have seen some big turning points with everything.  I have been thinking that my luck had to change soon.  And it feels like it has.  As beautiful as Barbarella is, the biggest challenge over the last year has been the logistics of moving her big silver booty up and down the country! The sad result of this was that it felt like it stopped being about the food, and became about everything else (welcome to the world of running your own business I hear people say).  My dining club has been a relief, to return to a world of cooking where my focus is back on making great food, and not about yet another breakdown.

Well all that is about to change.  I am moving Barbarella into the garden of The Beech Inn, a fine cask ale pub on Chorlton's beloved Beech Rd.  I'll be serving up my Asian street food inspired menu, starting next Friday 15th February from 4pm, then Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until late.  I plan to be there every week from Friday to Sunday, with the odd exception.  We may even expand the trading times if that's what people want.  

I hope to be able to offer a bigger menu again, rather than being limited by logistics to 3 or 4 dishes.  I'm so excited as it feels like my street food cafe dream could be realised.  So we've got big plans for launch night.  Service starts at 4pm on 15th Feb, and we'll be offering free tasters so everyone can sample some of the different food on offer. 

The plan for the launch night menu is to bring together some of the favourite dishes from last year.  So here's the plan... and as they're mostly old favourites from last year's menu, we have photos too :)

Paneer Shashlik Roti Wrap, spicy marinated fresh paneer with cachumba salad w/ coriander chutney & raita (V)

Sloppy Joe Rendang, grass fed Cheshire beef with coconut & lemongrass, in turmeric roll, served with Asian 'slaw
Kimchi noodle soup, traditional Korean red pepper broth & fermented cabbage with local pak choi, shitake mushrooms & rice noodles (Vg, wheat free)
Nasi Goreng, Indonesian egg fried rice with free range eggs & veg (V), served with 5 spice pork belly

Dal Masala, yellow butter dal with aubergine masala, served with cauliflower stuffed paratha (V)

Thai style fritters, served with Asian 'slaw
 - with sweetcorn & spring onion (Vg)
- with MSC prawns & spring onion


  1. Great idea, but please make your packaging environmental.

    Us Chorltonians won't like anything plasticky or non-reusable.

  2. Where possible, all packaging is biodegradeable and produce sourced is local and sustainable. As a member of Northern Streats, I'm proud to be part of a new breed of street food traders who are committed to sustainability.
    And having lived in Chorlton for over 20 years, I'm certainly well aware of it's green credentials :) It's a shame same can't be said for plastic output from all the crappy fried chicken places hey?

  3. Looks great! We'll be coming down on the first day!

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  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm any recipes?

  6. Just had the Nasi Goreng and pork belly.... Absolutely delicious. Hubby devoured the paneer with a huge grin on his face. So glad you will be a semi permanent fixture in our neighbourhood!

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