Friday, 15 April 2011

Starter for 10... MasterChef, foodie dreams & why this isn't a facebook page

Welcome to my blog!  I plan to write about my experiences of taking part in MasterChef 2011, foodie dreams and what happens next....

As most MasterChef followers will know, my foodie dream is to open a streetfood cafe bistro in my home town of Manchester. I entered the competition to prove myself as a chef and to see if I really have what it takes to pursue my restaurant ambitions.

The competition has given me the most amazing opportunities and experiences, with many still to come.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime to realise something I have been dreaming about for nearly 20 years.

I haven't started a Facebook page for a number of reasons.  My personal page is exactly that, where I can communicate with my friends and family, near and often far.  When Facebook pages are in the public domain, they can attract negative and sometimes malicious comment. 

I want my blog to focus on what really matters.  Sourcing and creating imaginative and sustainable street food and regional Asian dishes.  Exploring new areas of cooking I have never thought about.  Learning new skills and techniques.  And to tell the story of what it's like trying to pursue a restaurant dream.  There's some serious hard work ahead of me....


  1. look forward to reading ! :) You're very inspiring to me x

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about your plans. I've bookmarked your recipes and plan to try them out soon. The saag paneer is definitely going into my next fortnights meal plan.

  3. Great work Jackie. I was truly inspired by you. Having spent a gap year in Far east Asia, i can really relate to your dream and love for spices. Its a magical place to live and the food and the people are amazing. Good luck :)

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    hope you like! :)

  5. Read -a blog that is contributed to the grand champion of Junior MasterChef, Isabella Bliss. Congrats and Take care.

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