Thursday, 28 April 2011

Who's still trembling slightly?

I know I am.  What a final!  I am in awe of what they achieved and those final dishes were the best I've ever seen in the MasterChef final (obviously somewhat biased opinion).  Maybe it's knowing them as people too, and experiencing the tension first hand...  when we used to line up to go in for the judging decision, it's probably one of the few times we were truly quietened.  The fear and apprehension was palpable.  At that point in last night's show, my stomach was turning somersaults for them.  Nail biting stuff!

And what a truly worthy winner, in every sense.  Tim Anderson is one of the most interesting, funny and warm people I have ever met and everyone can see that man has the brightest future ahead of him now.  I learnt so much from him.  And the others too - Tom taught me how to roast meat, James tried to teach me about baking and Sara showed me the joy of beautiful puddings (and Alice and I taught her the joys of watching Family Guy). 

Polly has said the most wonderful unexpected thing we got out of MasterChef has been making incredible new friends.  I couldn't agree more.  I think the bonds that were formed this year are stronger because the format of the show meant we spent a huge amount of time together.  We've been through incredible highs and lows together.  I raise my glass to all of this years contestants and friends (well it's a cup of tea actually but the sentiment's the same).  I feel very lucky to have met you all.  And may all our foodie dreams now become a reality.....


  1. It was a super final. I was really nervous for them all too. All their food looked brilliant! Congratulations to Tim :-D

  2. Well done on getting sooo far in the competition Jackie!! You did really well and I'm a HUGE fan! It was really interesting seeing someone create such amazing looking plates of vegetarian food and I work for a butcher!! Well done again and if you fancy getting in touch please do just drop me an email Take care and don't go working too hard!

  3. Hear hear! You are all winners!! It was such a fantastic series of MasterChef and I loved it that you flew the veggie flag for us all. You cooked some amazing street food and I can't wait to taste your food when you open your own restaurant!