Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pop up dining event at Teacup on Thomas St

I'm working on my first dining event, which is taking place at Mr Scruff's Teacup and Cakes on Thomas St in  Manchester's Northern Quarter, on Saturday 2nd July.

Bookings can be made by calling Teacup on 0161 832 3233.  Four courses of streetfood inspired dining, £35, with a glass of bubbly on arrival.  Bookings can be made between 7pm and 8.30pm.  The menu is all vegetarian, although I hope it's simply some really great food for everyone to enjoy, regardless of whether it's vegetarian. 

I'm working with a great team, and head chef John, aka The Gingerbread Kid, has been helping me work on the menu, so we deliver an amazing dining experience on the night.  I've very excited and very nervous, all at the same time! 

We practiced all the dishes on Friday, so John could see the full menu and he can now apply his organisational skills to the job in hand, so everything runs smoothly.  We also tamed the chillies in my infamous som tam! 

We decided the sticky glazed samosas should definitely be filled with rhubarb rather than gooseberries.  Also John has come up with a much better pastry alternative to filo, that doesn't keep exploding!  Plus the brulee is now a mulee - like a brulee without the pot.  Which is much better as the pot was getting in the way of the consumption experience.  I think my addition of stem ginger works quite well too!


  1. great stuff! looks delicious (as usual) :-)

  2. Good luck with this Jackie, I won't be able to come, would love to but have another family commitment, I hope this is the start of something regular in Manchester, the city needs inspired cooking like this.
    We moved from Hackney to Manchester 2 years ago we are vegetarian (no fish either!)
    Drawing from Vietnamese inspired food (I miss the Houng Viet on Englefield Road, Hackney - they make chilli tofu pancakes (Dau hu chien) there just like duck but with crispy chilli tofu - 9C on the menu!) this is exciting food - fresh and fragrant tofu with lemongrass and chilli recipe here might give this a go!
    Good Luck with next week :)